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Our Services

Plastering walls is a crucial aspect of any construction or remodeling project as it results in a polished and sturdy finish that can endure for years to come. It serves not only as a surface ready for decorative treatments but also enhances insulation and soundproofing. Additionally, it can conceal imperfections in the existing walls. A skillfully plastered wall not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides a functional and long-lasting foundation for the living space.

When you need quality coloured Silicone rendering, you can trust us to do a professional job. We offer our services in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk, including Hadleigh, Felixstowe, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Colchester, and Manningtree. Contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements.


Dry lining work involves plasterboard being applied to different surfaces, such as timber, metal and brickwork. If you’re dry lining metal or timber then technically this is known as “Tacking”, and involves plasterboard being fixed to timber ceiling joists or stud walls.

Coving & cornice is perfect for adding interest to the top of internal walls, giving them a stylish and elegant finishing touch to really set off a room.

Metal stud partitions can be used in all types of buildings to divide space or create defined areas in residential, recreational and industrial settings.Lightweight and quick to install, metal stud partitions can provide significant savings over masonry alternatives as they take less manpower, fewer resources and little to construct. They are easy to integrate into both existing interiors and new designs, making them ideal for any application.

K Rend is a brand of through-colored silicone renders and finishes for external wall insulation systems. It is a popular choice for both new build and renovation projects, as it provides a durable, low maintenance and attractive finish.

Silicone rendering is a type of external wall finish that is made from a blend of cement, pigments, and silicones. It is applied as a thin layer to the exterior of a building to provide a decorative finish as well as protection against the elements. One of the key benefits of silicone rendering is its flexibility. The silicone component allows the render to move with the building, preventing cracking and ensuring a long-lasting finish.

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